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The last couple weeks have been pretty good for my writing output. Hopefully the winter hump is over, and my mental health will continue to stay level. Fingers crossed!


Anyway, I've managed to get a lot of stuff sorted out. I haven't moved super far forward in the manuscript, but I have tweaked so many things that needed tweaking. The pacing is better. What I thought were the first five chapters are actually the first ten. I was hesitant to split it up at first because I didn't want to pointlessly pad out the word count, but it actually reads much better this way. It also shifts much of Regan's initial focus from being so Ira-centered, and lets Milly shine. 


I've also got a much tighter handle on some characterization stuff that was giving me fits. One character now looks better in ways I wasn't expecting, while a character who has traditionally been a cinnamon roll comes off a little worse. People are complicated, eh?


Traditional writing advice usually says to just keep writing, but reasons like this are why I can't. It's not necessarily writer's block when you can't press on. Now I know I was pressing in the wrong direction. We're back on track now, and just like that the road in my head gets a little clearer. Take all advice with a grain of salt. 


Think that's it for now, guys. I'm going to post this to the book of faces, but I'm going to start posting these little things here from now on. I want this site to get used more even before I have the book up. 


That's all for now. Check this space from now on :)

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