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Tinkering and Tooling

I've finally managed to get the side stories online, so I should be all caught up now. The only thing not up is Gang Violence because I decided that one needed some retooling before it was ready to face the world again.

Side Story

Just received a donation confirmation email, so there will be a side story this week. Thanks so much to the kind donator!

You guys got any requests? Post below and let me know what you'd like to see tomorrow, k? K.

Side Story Status

So we didn't make the forty-six, but luckily for you a site member donated so you're getting a side story anyway. Thank Charis when she finally gets her account set up, won't you?

I didn't post it up yesterday just so I could make you all sweat a little, muwhahah! Well, I'll see everyone around here later. Got some writing to do.

Stuff and Things

Good morning, my hussies and vamp tramps! Okay, so it's just barely afternoon where I live. Details, who needs 'em? Anyway, down to business.

Dead Boyfriend Recruitment Drive

When I made the move over from LiveJournal I had 46 members of my Dead Boyfriend community. Just because I've moved to a new locale doesn't mean I want to loose the readers and community I've already got in place. I value every single person whose eyes ever stray across my words.

So here's the deal: To show my appreciation of my wonderful members I'm running a special offer. If all 46 original members sign by this Friday night at midnight, you'll get this week's side story for free! All you have to do is make a post on this page so I can keep track easily.

And we're live!

It's official! is open for business.

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