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A Heads Up *UPDATE*

Hello, all. Just thought I'd take a minute to enlighten you all as to the state of things.

First of all, if you haven't yet, vote for me on It's a really simple way to stroke my ego show your support.

Dead Boyfriend PROMO VIDEO

Wanna see how I spent my wee hours of the morning?

Targets are back on track!

So guess what? I finished chapter thirty-four. There is absolutely, positively, no way it won't go online tomorrow. We are officially back on track people. I've even added an extra target just for the occasion. Now you can become a fan on Facebook for extra chapters.

Writing on Airplanes and Other Extreme Sports

Or, the State of Things and Me.

You Would Not Believe the Week I'm Having

Or, Twitter Death Threats, 12 Hour Days, and Indianapolis.

Target Met!

There are five reviews on on the Web Fiction Guide! That means you double your dose of story next week, with an update on Monday AND on Wednesday. I've changed the target block to reflect this. The next marketing target for WFG is 10 reviews. Thank you to everyone who has contributed a review!

Don't forget to let me know if you are a site member so I can give you the points.

I'll be adding more targets soon, things like Facebook members and MySpace friends, maybe youtube subscribers as well when I finally get around to making chapter recordings.

The State of Things, or Thirty Dollars and Counting

Just wanted to call your attentions to a few changes I've made around the site. First off is the Ten-Word Teaser, the first new block on the left. It gives a single line from the next chapter, just for your titillation. Next is the Important Stuff, or posts that shouldn't be missed. After that is the marketing targets block, or things you can do to support Dead Boyfriend that don't cost any money.

Just in case you missed it, a successful target earns an extra chapter, on Wednesday. So, basically, you could feasibly double your DBF intake every week.


Sorry for the update!fail, guys. I have no excuse, the day just got away from me. I'm making up for it by powering through my word count until I pass out from exhaustion. So far I've finished two complete chapters, so 31 will be up today some time, but I want to keep going while I have the steam.

So, yeah, that's it. Look for 31 some time this evening. I'm off for lunch, and then will be back to the grind. Can I make three chapters today?

An Open Letter From Me to You

This is the author speaking. You know, the guy that writes this little dog-and-pony show. I have a confession to make. Dead Boyfriend isn't the best written thing to ever hit the intarwebs. It's not fantastic literature, it's not mainstream enough, it's too niche, and it's not a perfectly structured narrative by any means. Also, boys kissing is icky.

But you know what? No, seriously, you know what? I like it anyway.

An interview, I has it

So the lovely and talented amharte asked me some interview questions that went up on her website today. Check it out:

It was loads of fun and very flattering.

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