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Slightly Less Fucked

Okay, so PayPal has credited all the money back to my account. Yay. But until the investigation is over (seven to ten days from Friday) my account is "limited" meaning that I can accept payments, but can't make them.

The subscribers shouldn't notice anything wrong, the charges should go through like normal if you happen to fall within the next 10 days. Fortunately, Ms. Meilin Miranda is an understanding sort, and when I told her my hosting wouldn't go through for a while she told me it was all right.

Fuck My Life

My Facebook account and PayPal account just got hacked on the same day. I am like an inch from crying, seriously. Fuck my life.

If you are on Facebook and get a video link from me in the chat window DO NOT open it.

I have called PayPal and they've opened an investigation, should get back to me in a week. Only two false charges started, and one was stopped before it was completed. Thankfully, at the moment, I'm only out 9.99, and they're going to try and find who did it.

Chapters and Quizzes

In the spirit of giving, I've decided that you all get to enjoy the last chapter on Saturday, instead of making you wait until Monday. You'll get the epilogue on Monday. And then that's it! Courting Death will be finished. Well, it's draft will be, but more on that later.

In the meantime, I made a little quiz that those readers with Facebook might enjoy. How well do you know Dead Boyfriend?

I'm not sure if you have to have a Facebook account to access the quiz or not, though.

Anyway, that's all for now. Catcha later.

The End Is Nigh

I have an announcement to make. The first arc of Dead Boyfriend, Courting Death, is almost over. If all things go according to plan, there's two more chapters and an epilogue left. In regularly scheduled updates, that's three weeks. If more incentives come through, it'd be next Monday, next Wednesday, and the next Monday after that.

What does this mean, for you the readers? It means you will have answers to most of the questions, but hopefully new questions. For me, the author, it means I will have finally finished something I set out to do. Crazy, I know.

Incentive Chapter

Okay, so I just noticed we've got five reviews on Muse's Success. Normally that would be an incentive chapter on Wednesday, but since it's my birthday I'm taking the day off.

So, here's what I'm wondering. Do you want the incentive chapter on Saturday instead? There's no subscriber this week, so that would give you something to read on Saturday. What do you think?

Vote for me! (again, often)

Hey guys, just as a heads up, the votes on Top Web Fiction are tallied daily now so please vote for Dead Boyfriend as often as you like. Or as often as you can/will/are able to. I'd appreciate it, whichever way it ends up.

Milestones Abound

For those that don't know, yesterday's update was Dead Boyfriend's FORTIETH CHAPTER! Like, whoa. I've stuck with this crazy thing for forty chapters. The mind, it does boggle.

Next Wednesday is my twenty-first birthday. The last aging milestone before full-fledged adulthood. In that light, should any more marketing targets be met there won't be a chapter next Wednesday. Because it's my birthday, and I'm taking the day off. So there. If you should feel so inclined to celebrate the occasion, more reviews are always welcome.

Polling the readers

Once again, sorry about yesterday guys. But all of a sudden I was just dead to the world. I turned off the lights, and got in bed and everything. It wasn't even nine yet. It was crazy.

But I'm feeling better now, and wanted your opinion on something. We've got 20 Facebook fans, which means you get an incentive chapter tomorrow.

So here's my question: do you want the chapter that should have gone up yesterday to go up first thing tomorrow? Or do you want one chapter today and one tomorrow. I will add that 39 ends in a cliffhanger. Just so you know.

In which bad behavior catches up with me

I really hate to do this you guys, but I am so damn tired I can barely type. I'm going to have to pull the chapter until tomorrow when I can think straight. I've been staying up too late too many nights in a row, and I'm crashing now. Look for 39 in the morning, I'm so sorry, once again.

A blog post in which your beloved author is kind of a moron.

So, that whole thing I promised about there being a side story up? Yeah, well, I kind of forgot it was Saturday. Yeah, all day. That's how awesome I am.

You know, looking back, the number of Saturday Side Stories that actually go up on Saturday has been like 1 out of 5. Maybe I should change the stupid title card to Sunday Side Story and be done with it.

But there will definitely for sure be one up on Sunday. Not even I can forget the date twice in a row. *crosses fingers*

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