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HOWL is now up at the Web Fiction Guide

Although, annoyingly, they've rendered the name as "Howl" rather than its proper "HOWL." Anyway, here is the link if you'd like to review, vote, whatever:

Subscriber Accounts

Hello all, I'm just making a quick little post to ask everyone that signed up for a monetary subscription to please make an account on this site. If they don't have one already. I will shortly be making a Subscribers Only Forum for the purpose of posting exclusive content that can only be seen there.

I'm going to try working on writing a little bit of something everyday, so hopefully it won't take long to have pieces to show. Oh, and when I have the voting incentives working again, I'll throw them up there every time they change, as well.

Ask me random questions

Or listen to my music. I just signed up for a account and a Formspring account.

So here's the thing...

...HOWL 2.1 will be up today. Callooh, callay!

However, I'm making no promises about when the rest of it will be up. I'm feeling better all around, and I've got that marching ants on the inside of my skull feeling that tells me my subconscious is ready to become words. Fantastic, on the face of it, but my subconscious is notoriously fickle. Added to the fact that I'm not entirely fixed after almost killing two of the people most dear to me and I feel like I'm not in a state right now to make promises.

I was in a wreck.

Last Wednesday, St. Patrick's Day, I was in a car with my sister and my best friend that rolled off the road. Clearly I am still breathing and functioning physically. Emotionally, it is another matter. There are few things more damaging to a young man's self-esteem than calling for your best friend when she's nowhere to be found and not hearing her answer.


And I quote:

Seth Gray dishes about the vampires and slayers of his hot new series, DEAD BOYFRIEND, on Flashes in the Dark: Sunday Special: Seth Gray's Dead Boyfriend.



It's so clean and white and pretty. I love it, and everyone that helped me buy it. Now I can hopefully get back on track and reclaim the momentum I had on HOWL before this whole mess. It probably won't be before Monday, though. My dad has a gig tomorrow that the whole famdamily is going to.

But still. Have cord, will write. *happysigh*

I've got the power!

Thank you so much everyone that participated in my chip-in. The goal is met, and the power cord is ordered. Hopefully we can get this thing back on track now.

Houston, we have a problem.

Hey guys, I have an announcement. I'm pretty sure HOWL 1.5 won't make it up today. The power chord for my computer no longer makes a secure connection, and it's been all I can do the past few days to keep my MacBook from dying on me. If I move the computer in just the right way the chord will disconnect just enough to drain the power.

Misbehavior at Web Fiction Guide

Chris, editor at the Web Fiction Guide, has just brought to my attention that two reviews have been deleted because they were clearly by the same person. Needless to say this behavior is Not Cool.

Sock puppet reviews end up hurting my listing in the long run for precisely this reason--they get deleted. Getting the word out for a gay vampire story is hard enough. Using bad internet etiquette is always looked down on, and rightfully so, and just makes the job harder for those of working at increasing our profile legitimately.

Now, I understand the enthusiasm, and appreciate it, but this is Not The Way. This kind of thing is always found out, and it's stupidly easy to find with admin access to the system. There's suspicion on a third account that Chris thinks is this same person. If you are this person, I ask that you do the honorable thing and take it down yourself.

Earning a legit reputation for this story will be an uphill battle at the best of times, please, please don't push us backwards.

In short, no fake reviews, guys. You should know better.

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